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ITCS undertakes a range of work in the IT sector ranging from:

  • Launching new products in the Singapore and Asia Markets
  • Surveying prospects, suppliers and vendors
  • A range of work concerning infrastructure from initial discussions on new projects, modifications to existing IT Infrastructure through to the design and build approach.

The Scope of Services offered by ITCS in the IT Systems Integration sector, is comprehensive starting at conceptulisation through to Implementation. A summary of the process steps is listed below:

  • Project conceptualisation & development
  • Planning and design with budget estimates
  • Vendor analysis, selection and pricing
  • Proposal development
  • Implementation services
  • Commissioning services
  • Training
  • Office IT infrastructure relocations
  • Data Center relocations
  • Project management

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Current and Recent Engagements

Sjovold Pte Ltd - Rebuild of Web Site Sjovold is a diverse engineering and environmental group

Sjovold is a Singapore based company supplying Marine and Maritime Engineering products and services mainly in Asia Pacific but often world wide. The Company supplies Services in the area of upgrading and retro-fitting of Ship systems like rudder servo systems, PA Systems, Digital PABX, and Ship Operations sofware - Shipadmin. In the product area Sjovold supplies, installs STS sensors for temperature, pressure and level for liquid cargo's, Ballast tanks and supports with engineering advise, design, installation and maintenance services

Confidential Client

The Asia subsidairy of an Australasian company has started to expand it's healthcare services business into asia with clinic's in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In the Australasian markets, the company used Cloud Computing vendors for the provison and operation of the necessary IT infrastructure. IT Consulting and Services was engaged to survey the mid-tier IT infrastructure and operations vendors in Singapore to advice on the capabilities of these vendors to supply and operate "Infrastructure as a Service".

ITCS Industry Facts

According to Ferris Research in 2008, for a typical organization without a spam filter, spam can cost over US$500 per user per year. Even with a spam filter in place blocking 90 percent of all inbound spam, the cost per user per year is US$140.

Ferris Research are predicting that the next round on spam appliances are block 99% of spam and this would lower the cost per user and improve personal productivity. However Cloud Computing solutions seem to be a better solution for the mid to small market enterprised - this as the added advantage that the infrastructure to manage and store spam unitl it removes is not required internally.

IBM's 2009 report on Inside the Midmarket quoted "Given the majority of companies have a mindset of improving productivity and driving cost reductions,it`s no surprise that 83% of midsize companies say improving efficiency is a key priority."

So focusing on customers is key - Enhancing customer service and prospecting for new customers are also high on the priority list. Midsize companies can differentiate against larger rivals by creating a highly personalized and responsive environment to meet the growing expectations of today`s consumer.

In Italy, for example, 79% of companies say that going after new customers is a critical priority, while 76% of midsize companies in Mexico say that finding new ways to reach customers more easily tops their list. Web 2.0 and social media are well positioned to help midsize firms expand and strengthen their customer relationships.

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