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ITCS is a IT Managed Services supplier located in Singapore

IT Consulting and Services is a Singapore based IT Company, offering services in supply and/or support of IT Infrastructure, Email services and Security Solutions.

ITCS focuses on providing products with services that are effective with the latest trends in Cloud, BYOD - Bring your own Device, OpenNet/Fiber Infrastructure in Singapore and Mobile Computing.

IT Consulting & Services has three focused competencies;
  - IT Consulting covering all aspects for SME's IT Infrastructure,
  - Launching new IT Products with unique capabilities;
     Mako Networks Security Appliances,
     BEFET - Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking and
     SMX - Cloud based removal of spam and viruses
  - IT Services, focused on the support of Products that we sell and Clients IT Infrastructure.

These competencies allow us to meet the IT needs of professional and commercial company's so that they received the benefits of efficient and effective IT Solutions.

As we see a resurgence of interest in the "high touch" service for these professional company's and ITCS are here to provide those services.

Announcement - ITCS Signs with Mako Networks for Security Appliances and Services

ITCS - Mako Networks sercurity appliances logo

In September 2012, IT Consulting & Services signed an agreement with Mako Networks of New Zealand to sell and support Mako Networks security appliances, internet gateways and VPN Concentrators and its Central Management System in Singapore.

The Target market sector are those companies that take sercurity seriously, who want to know access is managed and need Multiple remote VPN connections. The Mako Networks 6500 offers the following unique set of features;

- A firewall that is certified by ICSA labs
- 3G Failover and restore in the event that your internet connection either ADSL or OpenNet/Fiber connection stops working
- Three Click VPN's with other sites using Mako Networks Security Appliances ( other VPN connections are possible)
- Web Access Management
- Intrusion Detection
- Extensive Reporting either online or sent to your email box
- Web Site Access management

Mako Networks - Advantage with Mulitple site and Payment Cards Industry - Data Security Standard

The Magic of the Mako Networks solution is the CMS - Central Management System. The CMS or Central Management systems is a web based console that allows you to connect from anywhere in the web, 24 * 7 and check the operation of all your Mako devices, whether you have one Mako Networks 6500 or more than 100 Mako Appliances, you can reconfigure, you can analyse the device of interest logs, create or bresk a VPN connection or rest the web access parameters for a site. This allows comprehensive management for one Mako Networks security appliance or for all Mako Networks appliances. For more information on the Mako Networks CMS - Central Management System go to the links in the right hand column of this page.

The other area where they seem to be ahead of the Singapore Market is in the Payment Cards Industry - Data Security Standard with its certified process for compliance. As the Credit Card industry moves to require all Merchants to comply with their security practices for the operation of Credit Card terminals and the annual review of compliance processes, Mako Networks provides for the system to runs the test and provides the documentation in a automated process that has been certified by DeloitteRoC issued 3rd Feb 2010 and updated on a regular basis.

Announcement - BEFET - Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking

ITCS is a IT Managed Services supplier for BEFET - Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking

ITCS is please to announce the release of the BEFET Version 2 in the Next Quarter. The major changes to BEFET are: - An upgrade to the User interface with a simplification of the buttons to operate the functionality
- The addition of the module to clean up the bounce backs and the number of times an address bounces before it is added to the do not send list
- There are modification to the code so that multiple instances for different companies can be added to a single Computer.

ITCS will be contacting BEFET customers in Singapore after the release to upgrade to version 2 at no cost.

Announcement - BEFET - Documentation for BEFET is to be undertaken in Singapore by Simple + Smart

BEFET documentation supplied by Simple + Smart

ITCS is please to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Simple + Smart Pte Ltd to undertake the documentation for BEFET. The documentation will be provided in both PDF and iBook formats. The documentation will be ready for users in the next quarter.

Simple + Smart is a specialist Singapore company focused on the transfer of knowledge and retention of knowledge in commercial organisations.


Max Collins
Managing Director

 Mako Networks range  of Products and  Services

Mako offers four Network Appliances, two of these the 6500-E and the 6500-A2 are targeted at small sites and businesses, the Mako 7550 is for larger sites with additional capibilities as a Virtual Private Network Concentrator and as a High Throughput Gateway.

The Mako 8875 for the data centre and is designed for high availability, a Virtual Private Network Concentrator and as a High Throughput Gateway.

Some of these applicances have more fucntionality by adding additional licenses and all can be part of a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI-DSS certified systems to level 1.

Go to information on Mako Networks 6550-E and 6550-A2 Network Security Appliance with 3G fail over

Go to information on Mako Networks 7550 Network Security Appliance and VPN Concentrator

Go to information on Mako Networks 8875 Network Security Appliance and VPN Concentrator

Go to information on Mako Networks- CMS Central Management System

 ITCS's View

In a McKinsey interview with the Shell CIO, Alan Matula, where he outlined the four phase IT plan that was under implmentation, the approach to reducing suppliers/vendors was most noteworthy. It indicates the change in core compedencies of some of these 11 companies who would receive 56% of Shell's IT spend.

The 11 companies were divided into 3 groups;

- Foundation Suppliers - Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP

- Infrastructure Group (Networks, end-user computing & hosting of Storage) - AT&T, HP, and T-Systems

- Application Services suppliers group - Accenture, IBM, Logica and Wipro

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