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SMX Spam and Virus removal in the Cloud

ITCS represents SMX cloud based spam removal services as a reseller and support enterprise in the Singapore market.

The SMX model is for customers to be charged a monthly fee, based on the number of users within each customer enterprise. Spam and viruses are cleaned before they reach customer networks with savings in network bandwidth and increases in user productivity being more than the monthly cost of the service.

ITCS-SMX Spam and Virus removal in Singapore

Technology innovations include the unique ability to service multiple customers out of a single system (multi-tenanted). No other service based solution, is so highly scalable, and can match the speed of deployment.

SMX's strategy of deploying where appropriate its service "in country" Local deployment - through an SMX datacentre, or through the datacentres of market partners - this ensures email is not routed through countries such as the United States, but is filtered in the customers own country, under local law and jurisdiction.

The SMX Services offers:

  • Email Filtering - Inbound
  • Email Filtering - Outbound
  • Email Management - Smart Rules
  • Email Analysis - Tripe-X Analyzer

Email Filtering - Inbound

A fully-managed SaaS solution designed to protect your company's email from incoming threats, such as spam, viruses and phishing attacks, before they reach your network. Inbound filtering is compatible with all. common mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, Domino, Groupwise, Sendmail, Smartermail or Postfix.

Email Filtering - Outbound

Outbound filtering protects your company's on-line reputation by cleaning the emails sent from your mail server of spam, viruses and other malicious content. Outbound filtering also cleans emails sent by off-site users, ensuring complete protection.

Email Filtering - Smart Rules

SmartRules is SMX's advanced email content filtering engine. SmartRules allows administrators to define sophisticated rules to allow or block emails from entering your network based on any combination of attachment type, recipient(s) or sender, email content or email headers. SmartRules comes with an intuitive GUI to make managing complex email content rules easy and is able to fi lter both incoming and outgoing emails.

Email Filtering - Tripe-X Analyzer

Triple-X Image Analyzer is SMX's adult image detection service which fi lters out adult images as they are detected by SMX's servers. Triple-X Image Analyzer is able to detect adult content in emails in real-time, protecting your staff from inadvertently receiving or sending adult content.

To discuss your SPAM and Virus removal in the Cloud Services requirements, please Email ITCS Now- Thank you.

SMX Profile

SMX was formed in New Zealand in 2006 by IT professionals who had built Telecom Xtra and Telstra email platforms and migrated over 700,000 mailboxes

Subsequently SMX has grown and is now an Asia Pacific based cloud Spam removal supplier either directly or via partners.

- India - launched in 2008

- Australia - launched in 2009

- Japan - launched 2010

- Singapore - launched 2011

Note:In India SMX is partnering with CMC - a subsidiary of the Tata Group. CMC, in Japan with, Japan's fastest growing provider of hosted applications and in Australia with Westcon Group in Melbourne

SMX Achievements Internationally

The Japanese deployment being a multi-tier reseller and customer management platform was undertaken in less than 4 weeks

The Indian deployment was included the migration of 500,000 email users to the SMX platform which was completed within 48 hours

SMX Brochures

EziBuy - Australia "SMX also scans out-bound mail for viruses and spam, thus ensuring EziBuy's IP address is not at risk of being listed on a Realtime Blackhole List (RBL)"......Read More

Oxfam - Australia "In 2009 that vital email link was under severe pressure. Despite trying a range of email filtering solutions, including an email security appliance, Oxfam Australia's email servers were inundated with up to 80,000 spam messages daily." .....Read More

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